Master of Laws in International Business Law
“The Master of Law in International Business Law at Robert Kennedy College (RKC) has contributed significantly to my professional development. Having previously completed the Certificate in Corporate Strategy and Competitiveness at RKC, I am now more advanced both in theory and practice. My RKC experience was a rewarding one. This was enhanced by the eminent professors who were very helpful, patient, and kind to us students. I was particularly impressed by their knowledge and expertise in their respective subject areas and their willingness to transfer this knowledge to the students. My dissertation Supervisor was no exception. Under her skillful guidance and astute recommendations, my dissertation blossomed into the scholarly work that a Law Degree warrants. The diverse backgrounds and knowledge of the students also contributed to the learning process from which lasting relationships were built. I was able to learn from my location with other students across the world, and the tuition was manageable and flexible. RKC takes the whole person into account. I recall I had some family issues and was unable to complete a semester for which I was given the option to take the time off and return to the program at my convenience. If you are seeking to advance or change your career, Robert Kennedy College will assist you in doing so. I have no regrets in choosing RKC to be my preferred academic institution. ”

Our Diploma in Business Administration allows you to develop a more detailed understanding of business administration and management, and provides an entry route to the Bachelor of Business Administration programme delivered in partnership with the University of Cumbria.

For 24 years we have pioneered business and legal education online, allowing thousands of professionals from every continent to achieve new heights in their lives and careers. Today you can benefit from our newest Diploma in Business Administration programme. 

The Diploma in Business Administration offered by Robert Kennedy College allows you to study entirely online and to graduate within just 9 months. 

The Diploma is issued electronically with a blockchain-powered, tamper-proof system: simply scanning the QR code in the diploma ensures the authenticity of your credentials. 

This diploma programme also provides an opportunity to study for entry to the University of Cumbria BA (Hons) Business Administration(Top Up) programme that will further enhance your learning experience.

3 good reasons to study Business Administration:

- Expand your knowledge in Business Administration and complete your Diploma in just 9 months

- Enhance your employability with practical skills and knowledge

- Continue your studies with the Bachelor of Business Administration (Top Up) programme delivered in partnership with the University of Cumbria